Nanticoke Lake MUA (Lisle, NY)

Nanticoke Lake - southern entry point

southern entry point

The Nanticoke Lake Multiple Use Area (MUA) is not difficult to access, although you do have to head down some dirt roads in the Town of Lisle (see links below for directions). The parking area is about 1/4 mile from the lake itself. There is a gravel road to take you most of the way in, but vehicles are blocked by a gate near the unpaved lot. This seems to limit the number of people who turn up on any given day. I have only been there a couple of times, myself, but never saw more than one other group of people there at a time. The most common visitors seem to be local people who fish for pumpkinseed and smallmouth bass from the banks on the southern side of the lake. The south side opens to a field, and is easy to approach. The last time I was there I could see a dozen sunfish, hovering over their territories in the shallow water near the southern bank.

Nanticoke Lake - north end

north end

The water is actually clear in this lake, unlike most of the lakes I’ve seen in New York. The DEC page notes that there is a lack of aquatic vegetation, by which they must mean that the lake is not choked with weeds and muck like every other lake around. I have come to understand that New York fisherman prefer eutrophic conditions (see Dr. Robert Carlson’s web site) because they allow a lake to produce more fish. I, on the other hand, was appreciative of the relatively clear water in this MUA, which reminded me of a typical lake in Maine.

There is no path to the north side of the lake, as far as I know. Canoes and kayaks are permitted, however, and it’s worth it to haul one in if you can. You can very quickly paddle out of earshot of whoever might be on the southern bank, and pretty much have the lake to yourself. You don’t have to be too tricky to catch a couple of bass on the north end either, since they don’t seem to get many visitors.

Nanticoke Lake - view from north to south

view from north to south

All things considered, Nanticoke Lake MUA is a very good  place to get away from whatever you might be dodging. It’s large enough to be interesting, small enough to be manageable, and quiet enough that you may feel you’ve made your way Into the Forest.




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