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Not Quite Normal Yet at Otsiningo

Otsiningo Park is much drier today than it has been in the last few days, but it’s still closed to the public. A quick look from Front Street shows that the major walkways are no longer submerged. Look a little closer though, and you can see that several trees are still underwater in the area […]

Receding Flood in Binghamton, New York

The waters are receding, and revealing a substantial mess in, and around, Binghamton. The picture to the right shows I-81, backed up with traffic. I understand that the flooding has affected many of the highway exits in the area, and that its structural integrity may have been compromised in places. The water in the foreground […]

Flooding in Binghamton, New York

It’s not generally the business of Into the Forest to report on natural disasters, but when nature shows up in your back yard it’s hard not to take notice. These pictures were taken around 1:00 in the afternoon today at Otsiningo Park in Dickinson, New York. The Chenango River runs alongside the park, and through […]

Otsiningo Park (Dickinson, NY)

Otsiningo Park is under the administration of Broome County Parks and Recreation, and located near downtown Binghamton. It is an interesting mix of what one might expect to find in an urban green space, and what you might more likely find in a bigger state park or forest. The park is well known in the […]